New Large Car Frame Kit & New 25-50 Gas Tank Seal Kit


Motor Coater is easy to apply, offers superb coverage and yields a self-leveling professional looking finish.

Your engine will be a show stopper at this DIY price...too bad it's kept under the hood!

Available in the following colors. Don't see yours , drop us an email and let us know what color you are looking for.

Chevy Orange Gloss Black Aluminum Ford Corporate
T-Bird Red Pontiac Metallic Blue

White Street
Hemi Orange
Fire Red Ford Dark
Daytona Yellow Velvet Black

Ford Green Chrysler Blue Cadillac
Dark Blue
Hemi Orange

Chevy Orange: 55', 57'-75' V-8"s
Ford Corporate Blue: 67'-on with 302 Engine
Pontiac Metallic Blue: 66'-72'
Street Hemi Orange: 66'-71' 426 Street Hemis, 70'-71' 383 & 440 Hi-Performance, 70'-71' 340
Race Hemi Orange: 62'-64' 413 & 426 Max Wedge, 64'-65' 426 Race Hemis
Ford Dark Blue: 41'-48'
Chrysler Blue: 73'-83'
Cadillac Dark Blue: 49'-76'

*Colors will vary based on your monitor settings.

Motor Coater Kit
Motor Coater Engine Enamel Pint