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Diamond Finish Gallon

Diamond Finish  Gallon
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Product Description

Diamond Finish  Gallon
KBS DiamondFinish is an extremely durable, rock-hard topcoat, designed to be applied over most metal and painted surfaces, including wood and concrete.

DiamondFinish is a chemical resistant top coat that provides excellent coverage and gloss retention in deep rich colors while remaining permanently flexible.

DiamondFinish colors can be applied by brush, roller, and conventional spray gun with excellent flow out. Unlike normal two part coatings, no hardener or mixing is needed!

DiamondFinish can be applied over existing single and two-component primers as well as in a complete KBS System paint application which would include KBS RustSeal as a primer and KBS Self-Etching Primer as an intermediary coat.

Its technology thats unbeatable! Satisfaction guaranteed!

* Over 60% Solids * Single Part Formula * Tougher and Harder than 2 Part Top Coats * Seals both Paints and Metals * Self Leveling (No brush Marks) * Simple Brush or Spray Application * High Temperature resistance suitable for Motors and Brake Callipers * Permanent UV Stability * High Chemical Resistance (including fuels) * Graffiti Proof * Recoat in 1-2 hours * Seals Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals * Breakthrough High Solids Coating Technology


* Protecting steel and plastic bumpers paint work. * Automotive aluminium fitting, fuel tanks and parts. * Protecting existing paint work from physical damage. * Stopping chemical attack from acids and alkalis on existing paint work. * Protecting paint work from all fuels. * Sealing motorcycle fuel tanks paint work. * Graffiti Protection. * Custom Automotive Refinish. * Marine internal and external Refinish.


Theoretical coverage at one mil (25 m) is 375 sq.ft. per gallon/9.2 m per liter. Recommended thickness of two mils (50 m) would require two full coats. Three coats recommended for marine applications. Material losses during mixing and application will vary and must be taken into consideration. Expect up to 50% less coverage on bare wood, rough or sandblasted surfaces.

* A Pint of DiamondFinish will cover 24 sq. ft. with two coats. * A Quart of DiamondFinish will cover 47 sq. ft. with two coats. * A Gallon of DiamondFinish will cover 188 sq. ft. with two coats. * A 5 Gallon Pail of DiamondFinish will cover 940 sq. ft. with two coats.