New Large Car Frame Kit & New 25-50 Gas Tank Seal Kit

Cycle Tank Kit PLUS!

Cycle Tank Kit PLUS!
Item# 52005

Product Description

For use when working on a tank with a previous sealer or liner. The kit is our Cycle Tank Kit with the addition of a Quart of our STRIP product!

KBS CYCLE TANK KIT PLUS seals up to a 5 gal. tank. Great for motorcycles, generators, mowers & tractors. GOLD STANDARD TANK SEAL will stop rust & corrosion permanently while sealing pin holes & seams. Includes:

*1 qt Strip (step1 )

*1 qt AQUAKLEAN (step 2 )

*1 qt RUSTBLAST (step 3)

*1 8oz GOLD STANDARD (step 4)

*1 pre cut peice of BACKBONE MESH

*1 pr Nitrile gloves

*1 1/2" brush

*1 stir stick

Detailed Instructions