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BlackTop Gallon

BlackTop Gallon
Item# 850x

Product Description

KBS BlackTop is an advanced moisture-cured, UV stable, permanent topcoat.

BlackTop is formulated to be applied over previously painted or primed surface, and dries to a rock hard yet flexible black finish, that can be readily applied to chassis, engine compartments, coil springs, and light weight panels.

BlackTop possesses outstanding scratch, chip, and abrasion resistance, and IS NOT affected by the damaging ultra-violet rays of the sun.

BlackTop has high heat resistance and can be applied to almost all automotive applications except exhaust systems.

BlackTop is a high performance protective coating like KBS RustSeal.

When BlackTop is used as a topcoat over RustSeal, the combination produces an incredibly tough and professional looking finish, while giving you the finest rust protection on the planet.

*Permanent Chassis Black Topcoat

*Rock Hard yet Flexible Coating

*Permanent UV Stability: No Chalking or Dulling

*Brush or Spray: Self-Leveling Black Finish

*Available in Gloss and OEM Satin finishes

*High Temperature Resistance